“The world of cryptocurrency is changing how many industries look at finances. Ripple XRP is leading the way.”

The banking “Cartels” are no different. Ripple XRP has been able to offer blockchain based payment solutions. Ripple uses its own internet protocol called the Ripple Transaction protocol.

Ripple is both a company and a cryptocurrency that offers payment solutions specifically for the financial sector.

XRP money

The company Ripple was originally founded in 2012 and named Opencoin. In 2015 Opencoin was re-branded as Ripple. Based in San Francisco California, the Ripple payment system was originally planned by Ryan Fugger of Vancouver in 2004. (That’s FIVE YEARS before Bitcoin came out!)

Ripple or XRP?

Ripple the company, owns both the XRP cryptocurrency, as well as the Ripple Payment Protocol and exchange network. The Ripple transaction protocol has a Real Time Gross Settlement system. This enables the exchange of currencies, securities, or any form of value, from one bank to another in real time. Payments sent through the network are near instant, subject to no waiting/clearing period, and are irreversible. Ripple has a unique ability to offer their services to governments, banks, businesses, and countries the world over. Many institutions use the Ripple RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement,) payment system to exchange large values or urgent items needing an instant settlement.

What can be Exchanged with Ripple XRP?

On Ripple’s open source payment protocol, there are tokens that are tied in value to fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and many others representing just about anything of value. Ripple can securely and instantly exchange financial resources of any amount around the entire globe for nearly nothing. A popular company that uses the Ripple network to transfer funds is called MONEYGRAM, which is a Walmart fund transfer service.


Banks around the globe have been adopting the Ripple payment system network, which uses a distributed ledger to validate its transactions. The distributed ledger system is a network of computers that could operate independently of the Ripple company, and is validated by many different organizations, such as internet service providers and college universities.

Is XRP worth buying?

As of 4/24/2018, the Ripple XRP token is the third largest cryptocurrency my market capitalization, at a price point of $0.91 per token, and a $35 BILLION market cap. Over $1.5 Billion XRP is traded in just a 24 hour period.


How do You get your hands on RIPPLE XRP?


Many exchanges such as Coinbase do not offer Ripple XRP as a product. To obtain Ripple tokens, one must buy them on an exchange that offers XRP. Binance offers Ripple at a current price of 0.00009548 per token, (roughly $0.91.)

Most XRP wallets have a minimum deposit threshold just like certain bank accounts, (ironic, isn’t it?) To move your XRP tokens off of an exchange, and into a personal wallet, a 20 XRP minimum is needed to secure a wallet address from the network. The 20 tokens needed to secure an address and open a wallet would be locked in until the Ripple network reduces the minimum deposit threshold. Any more than 20 tokens could be bought, sold and moved without a problem at will.

Again I use BINANCE to purchase my Ripple. I then transfer and store it on a TOAST wallet located on my iOS mobile device.








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