Crypto Multiplier’s 101

!Caution! Crypto Multipliers are HIGHLY, HIGHLY Risky! Use at your own RISK!

High risk also means high reward

The cryptocurrency market is here to stay.

As of this post, the crypto market capitalization is nearing a half of a TRILLION dollars. That’s over 400 BILLION dollars. It’s my personal opinion that a market of this size is surely nothing to joke about. Yes, the Nasdaq composite is currently sitting at a high of 7.8 Trillion. That’s to be expected. The Nasdaq has been around for ages it seems like. 47 years to be exact, (est.1971.) Bitcoin started out in 2009. If it took 47 years for the Nasdaq exchange to grow that amount, yet Bitcoin is only 9 years old and has a market this big already, what does that say for the crypto market as a whole?

Easy, it says it’s growing and fast!

This post IS about how to multiply your crypto which we all hope will multiply our money as well. Previous facts stated it is probably safer to just buy some crypto and hold it. Nothing is guaranteed with investing. Especially in crypto.

Never invest more than you are willing to lose.

The best way to think about your crypto investment was found on a social media post. I can’t remember the author or I would credit them, however, it went something like this,

“The best way to think about your crypto investment is to pretend that you took whatever the amount of money you personally can afford, bring it to the backyard and burn it. When the fire is out if you could salvage any of those bills than cheers on you! If none were salvageable, it’s okay because it is considered a total loss anyway.”

This is the mindset I have adopted with my personal crypto investments. I put a certain amount in at the beginning of my crypto enthusiasm and now consider that amount gone. Spent. Non-refundable. I do add an additional 5% of my income each week into diversifying my portfolio, however, I also consider that amount gone. Spent. Non-refundable.

This way if my investment returns a profit of any kind, it’s icing on the cake, so to speak. If I lost all my crypto today, I could still fix the car if it needs a new battery. I see too many folks putting their entire life savings on an investment that may or may not ever mature. That isn’t investing. It’s gambling. Don’t gamble with your crypto people. When you gamble, everyone loses.


Now that my disclaimer speech is out of the way, let’s get to why we are all here. To make money. I have had the fortunate luck to stumble upon an opportunity that has paid out very well for me so far. As I have stated relentlessly before, nothing is a sure thing in crypto. All I can say is that so far icenter has been really good to me.

What is icenter?


Icenter is a UK based company that takes investment only in crypto. No cash here folks, only BTC, ETH, and LTC are accepted. icenter works through a platform called telegram. Telegram is a free Facebook messenger app alternative. Telegram was formed by two Russian brothers in 2013. Telegram is free to use worldwide and has privacy built in. The telegram app also has a unique feature that icenter has capitalized upon.



Telegram has programmable bots that run on a strict preprogrammed algorithm. The icenter bots are programmed to pay out a certain percentage every six hours no matter what.


Here is how it works.

If I do not have telegram installed on my mobile the free telegram download is HERE.

I find the link to the Litecoin bot and click it.

I am now directed to the LTC bot page and I push the Start button.

The bot asks for my language and I select the appropriate button, English.

Now icenter will display the main menu and some links to read. Some FYI reading. I suggest following the links to become educated about what icenter is.

Next, it is time to deposit.

Hit the deposit button and the bot will give you a unique one-time use deposit address. This address can only be used for one deposit and changes each time you make a new deposit. It is for security reasons.

Hold your finger down on the message that the address is in and select copy. Paste this address into the Litecoin wallet you would like to deposit from.

Wait up to an hour for the blockchain to confirm the transaction and you are all set!

You will now start earning 0.35% on the initial 0.1 Litecoin minimum investment every 6 hours! This is equal to 1.4% a day and after the 99-day term, you will have added a third to your initial investment.

Think of it this way, if you invest 1 LTC, after 99 days you will have 1.33 Litecoin of you don’t compound it at all. Compounding, however, is the beauty of icenter.

Icenter pays 1.4% of your investment every day. The minimum to invest, withdraw, or reinvest is 0.1 LTC. This means that every time your balance reaches 0.1 LTC you have the choice of reinvesting that to accumulate more interest. I know folks that have gotten their accounts up to 200 LTC using this method. The choice, however, is ultimately yours.


Icenter has options

Icenter also has 2 other bots available. One for BTC and one for ETH. The ETH bot pays the same amount of interest as the Litecoin bot. 1.4% per day. The minimum for the ETH bot is a deposit of 0.03. This is also the minimum for withdrawal or reinvesting.

The BTC bot is a little different. It runs for a 120 day period and pays out 1.2% interest every day as opposed to the other two bots at 1.4% for 99 days.


Icenter has treated me very well so far. Is there a chance that is a scam? Of course, there is. All I know is that getting your initial investment out really does not take that much time. If you do it that way it’s house money, right? What is there to lose?


Join our Telegram group for CrypChronicles here. It is a VERY friendly, fun and informative crypto related group! We also have a great group just for Bot investors, Only join this group if serious about telegram bot investing! Check it out HERE! Also, PM me on Telegram @ Cryptofied Chris with any questions, comments, concerns and I will gladly help. Icenter is easy enough to use by anyone!


Invest safely everyone and let’s make some money!!


Chris is an avid crypto enthusist. He is thrilled to be a part of the growing crypto community. Chris firmly believes that Cryptocurrencies are the future of finances for us all. If he isn’t trading on Binance or chatting in Telegram about Cryptos, he can be found in the best Cryptocurrency Facebook group Lemons to Lambo’s!

FYI guys, some links may be affiliate links and send a small commission if a purchase is made, (It costs you nothing.) Relax, enjoy life, and have fun with your new CRYPTO!!


Cryptocurrencies are a dangerous and volatile market. The rewards can be very high because of the LARGE risk involved in the cryptocurrency market. By no means is this post, or website, meant to be financial advice of any kind. Investing in crypto is done of your own free will.

NEVER invest more than you are afraid to lose!!

There are some great opportunities to make some money in the Crypto-sphere. Download the Telegram app, the free secure messaging app here and ask Chris what crypto investment programs he is currently into. @Cryptofied is Chris’ username on Telegram.

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